That’s a tight budget you got there, sweeeeet

Hey u in the cute pants…

i just got back from running errands with the domkus, grocery shopping and such. We try to keep on a budget these days and so there was a moment in the store when I was actually grappling over the $6 toilet paper vs. the usual $12 toilet paper. Would my asshole know the difference? Yes, of course she would. She is an asshole of refinement and luxury, my asshole is a lady that expects the best!

BUTT….. that is a LOT more money, double in fact! And what has she been doing to help earn cash here on the d&d farm? Last time I checked my asshole had yet to kick in for ANYTHING, never mind fancy soft toilet paper! She could be making all sorts of money doing bad things on the internet but nnoooooooo, she just sits there in my pants all day, looking adorable.

So I got the cheaper toilet paper to punish her and her wanton lazy ways! Take that, asshole!

how much you wanna bet i totally regret it in two days…. =(



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