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back by popular demand! a page full of our intros and songs that make it on the show, sent in by listeners just like you. use them as a ringtone! add them to your music collection! share them with friends! whatever you like, have at it. feel free to submit an intro or a song you wrote for the show, we love hearing them!

original intro – Original Intro
puffcast dub – Puffcast Dub – dr. puff
puffcast dub #2 intro – Puffcast Dub #2 – dr. puff
listen up bitches – Listen Up Bitches! – dr. puff
buckle up – Buckle Up – dr. puff
PuffEd – PuffEd – dr. puff & stalker ed
stalker ed – stalker ed
banjo intro – Banjo Intro – stalker ed
porn intro – Porno Intro – stalker ed
halloween – Halloween Intro – stalker ed
original remix – Original Remix – jonathan hugh
unschool – Unschool – mark zinkel
brother love – Brother Love –
ronkat – Are You Ready? – ronkat spearman
nick and
drew only – Drew Only – brad
reggae intro – Reggae – Rick Milano Minion #690
woof intro – Woof
breakbeat intro – Breakbeat – Christian, Showbiz Musician
sitar intro – Sitar – Christian, Showbiz Musician
rock intro – Rock – Christian, Showbiz Musician
mid-level riot intro – Mid Level Riot – Christian, Showbiz Musician
minions unite intro – Minions Unite – Jeff the midget
paul blann intropaul blann
sneaker peet introsneaker peet
what you gonna do intro – What You Gonna Do?
in a world… – In a World… – Pdub
beef curtains intro – Beef Curtains
that’s show business – That’s Show Business – princess tina

inkernet – Inkernet – dave calderbank
when i say inkernet – When I Say Inkernet – dave calderbank
crazy go nuts – dawn’s crazy go nuts soundcheck
piece of you piece of me – Piece of You – lord kook
naughty sugarglider – Naughty Sugarglider – lord kook
sugarglider update – Sugarglider Update lord kook
what’s in the po box? – What’s In the PO Box – dr. puff
what’s in the po box? – What’s In the PO Box, sensitive piano ballad version – dr. puff
advice with dawn – Advice with Dawn – jonathan filbert
loon techno – Loon Techno – dawn miceli
awesome – Awesome – brent currie
owl and the pussycat – Owl and the Pussycat – dawn miceli/edward lear
happy hovel – Happy Hovel – dawn miceli
chicken update – Chicken Update – todd webb
the steven song – The Steven Song – sam himburg
nerd moment – Nerd Moment – sam himburg
farm update – Farm Update – sam himburg
mr fister – Mr. Fister – marshy
sweet sugarglider – Sweet Sugarglider – steve in louisville
why is there a bug on me? – Why is there a Bug On Me? – dawn miceli
little trooper – Little Trooper – dawn miceli
tuney tuesday – Tuney Tuesday – dawn miceli
whiney wednesday – Whiney Wednesday – dawn miceli & drew domkus
somewhere over the weed bowl – Somewhere Over the Weed Bowl – paul blann

butthole on the glass – Butthole on the Glass – dawn miceli & drew domkus
unusual tattoo – Unusual Tattoo – dawn miceli & drew domkus


  1. Lucy
    November 4, 2010 @ 6:45 pm

    Wheres little trooper? 🙁

  2. drew
    November 4, 2010 @ 7:01 pm

    ask and ye shall receive…
    thought i had that on this page already.

  3. Lucy
    November 5, 2010 @ 5:01 am

    Dang you’re on top o’ thangs! Bravo! Yeah I coulda sworn I’d seen it on here too hmmm Curious…

  4. Trent McDowell
    March 22, 2020 @ 6:14 am

    Why is there a bug on me if Fifth from the bottom under songs- fitting for these times.

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