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Press Scrapbook

A collection of some of the press we’ve received since we started this podcast, back on September 23rd, 2004.

play Fox 6 News Milwaukee (.mov)
play WISN 12 Milwaukee (.mov)
play CNN (.mov)
play CBC News (.wmv)
play Paris Hilton – House of Wax podcast (.mp3) Paris Hilton – House of Wax podcast (.mp3)

penthouse magazine rolling stone jane magazine budget living podcasting for dummies podcast solutions

Penthouse, Podcasting for Dummies (forward), Time Magazine, Forbes, Chicago Tribune, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, USA Today, Wired, ABC News, CBC, Washington Post, BBC News, Aljazeera, Newsweek, Macworld, Advertising Age, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Business Week, The Sydney Morning Herald, Punk Planet, Jane Magazine, Budget Living

Ziggy Marley on The Dawn and Drew Show!
PR News Wire
Elites TV
Top 40 Charts
Ziggy Marley has released the single “Into the Groove” from his second solo album Love is My Religion, on the Podsafe Music Network (PMN), supporting the release with a rare, in-depth interview with PodShow power couple, Dawn and Drew. With this release on the PMN, Marley is enabling thousands of podcasters to play the track on their shows for free, supporting the free licensing of music to the podcasting community and creating millions of ’spins’ with audiences around the globe.

“Ziggy is a rare combination of musical talent and industry vision,” said PodShow CEO and Co founder Ron Bloom. “He is one of a new breed of artists who are blazing a trail and finding innovative ways to reach their fans and new audiences outside the traditional label system. Producers and fans love having him on the SHOW!”

“Ziggy’s interview with Dawn and Drew adds an extra element to his music,” added Adam Curry, President and Co founder of PodShow. “Releasing his material to be shared by podcasters with audiences worldwide is a huge endorsement for our Network. I am very appreciative of Dawn and Drew, as well as the Marley family for adding their magic to PodShow and the PMN.”

Seattle Post Intellegencer
Steve Mack Q&A: Media whiz finds podcasts speak volumes
Q: You call one of your chapters “Podcasting’s Meteoric Trajectory.” You think this has quite the future.

Podcasting Bible

A: Well, yeah. There are some case studies at the back of the book. Dawn and Drew, they moved out to a farm and started posting little audio files talking about what they did each day. It sounds pedestrian, but it caught on like wildfire. Now they’re in a position where they don’t have to work anymore.

PR Web
VIA ‘Couples, Computers and Gaming’ Event Looks at Relationships and PC Games
Designed to be entertaining as well as informative, the hosts of the “Dawn and Drew Show!” on Sirius Satellite Radio will be the comedic emcees for the event, team members from the all-female professional PC gaming team girlz 0f destruction will give couples from the audience hands-on training in the skills needed for pro gaming, and a prominent array of well-known industry figures, including John Broady of CNET Gamespot, analyst Rob Enderle, and Mary Schuyler, producer of the Desperate Housewives PC game, will discuss women and gaming, advertising, and the future of the gaming industry.


MSNBC Newsweek
The Power of iPod
The progress of podcasts followed the earlier evolutionary path of Web sites from fringe to mainstream, this time at a rate so accelerated that it was almost a blur. This was helped by Apple’s integration of podcasting into the iTunes store. One day the most popular podcasts were quirky homegrown productions like “Dawn and Drew,” by a wacky postpunk couple living in a Wisconsin farmhouse, and on what seemed the very next day, people were downloading podcasts from The New York Times, National Public Radio and Major League Baseball. (Oh, and NEWSWEEK.)

A Second Podvertising Perspective: Explaining Once More Why Podcast Product Peddling Couldn’t Hurt
In two years podcasting has grown from a fringe craze, to the next big thing and is now a household word. Podcasters themselves have grown from hobbyists to professionals with a business side to compliment their creative side. A quick review of the iTunes Music Store’s podcast showcase reveals programming not only from podcasting pioneers like Dawn and Drew or Steve Gillmor but from mainstream sources like television, radio and print news outlets, entertainment companies, movie studios and educational and religious institutions.

Podcasting News
People’s Choice Podcast Awards Announced has announced the winners in 20 of the 22 categories of the 2006 People’s Choice Podcast Awards. Winners announced include: Entertainment – Pottercast; Mature – The Dawn and Drew Show; and Technology / Science – DiggNation.

Market Watch
Million-dollar podcasting
By and large the shows nominated in 22 categories are small; few show up in iTunes’ Top 100. The best known contenders are “Dawn and Drew” and “Keith and the Girl” (Mature), the President’s Weekly Radio Address (Political), “Accident Hash” (PodSafe Music), and “DiggNation” (Technology/Science”)

Market Watch
Podcasts make new partners
From delivering raunchy shows like “Dawn and Drew” and playing tunes from unknown musicians, PodShow’ aims to expand to now grab the ears of Fortune 500 listeners by creating “the first business media network,” the company said in a news release.

Podfather Faux Pas

While Dawn and Drew were in the back room doing lord-knows-what to their poor microphones, the Podshow command crew were recruiting programmers – hamsters from a planet near Mars…

iTunes One Year Anniversary

iTunes turns one year old and they showcase us as one of the pioneering podcasts that helped pave the way for the success of podcasting. Thanks iTunes!! and Happy Birthday!

JS Online
‘Katie Mac’ podcasts entertain, endure
So it launched last fall, with Freddie drawing on southeast Wisconsin’s now-veteran podcast “The Dawn and Drew Show!” for inspiration.

Monterey County Herald
meet the Former MTV VJ Adam Curry’s fame and bravado help push podcasting into mainstream consciousness
The Dawn and Drew Show!… It’s among the most popular podcasts in the country.

Canton Rep
Just call him the PODFATHER
“The Dawn and Drew Show!” — Two self-described ex-gutter punks from Los Angeles talk frankly, candidly, repeatedly about topics including love, sex and farm animals from a 19th century dairy farm in Wisconsin.

The Phillidelphia Enquirer
What People Are Reading On Blogs
Here’s a personal story – I get the technology. I listened to home-grown movie critics and dirty-talking Dawn and Drew while researching an article in late 2004. My iTunes lets me subscribe to different Podcasts, and I have from time to time grabbed radio programs from WXPN and KCRW to-go. But I’d rather listen to other things. I would love to hear from anyone who is an active Podcaster. What’s worth the time?

Billboard Radio Monitor
Emmis Research Detects ‘iPod Fatigue’
The hottest podcast out there is something called Dawn and Drew…

The New Zealand Herald
Peter Griffin: Ricky Gervais the podcast king
The trend is mirrored in the United States where the Onion Radio News and The Dawn and Drew Show are two of the better comedy podcasts available for free download.

Los Angeles Times
‘Podfather’ plots a radio hit of his own
PodShow Inc., the privately held company Curry co-founded with business partner Ron Bloom, is a big tent, packed with thousands of podcasts that juggle topics including comedy and culture, education and technology. Curry helps develop all the programming; among the most downloaded are Curry’s own tech-heavy “Daily Source Code” and the “MommyCast,” a weekly podcast by two stay-at-home moms in the Washington, D.C., area with seven children between them and who dispense parental advice. But its crown jewel is “The Dawn and Drew Show!,” two self-described ex-gutter punks who now podcast from a 19th century dairy farm in southeast Wisconsin and talk raunchy about love, sex and even farm animals.

San Francisco Chronicle
How an ex-VJ transformed conventional media into the vox populi. Ever hear of podcasting?
There are already more podcast shows than radio stations in the world, according to FeedBurner, a news feed service provider, and they fall into two distinct categories: material created by people taking advantage of low-cost production technology, such as the popular homespun “Dawn and Drew Show,” or audio offerings from established media entities.

Informit Network
Podcasting Made Easy with Podcast Factory
In case you’ve been living under a rock, podcasting (in which people create shows on a wide variety of topics) is an alternative to radio or television broadcasting. Podcasts are available on demand, so you can listen to them or view them at your convenience. Podcasting is growing in popularity with new shows popping up every day. Although some shows don’t make it past the first few episodes, others, such as The Dawn and Drew Show, have enabled the hosts to quit their day jobs and get into podcasting full time. So whether you plan to make podcasting your new career or just want to share your hobby with your fellow Internet denizens, let’s look at how Podcast Factory will help you make your podcasting debut.

Guardian Unlimited: The Observer
For the love of pod…
But Resonance broadcasts in the London area on 104.4FM, and you can never hear it properly for all the interference. Does that mean its podcasts aren’t radio, or only radio in the south-east of England? Who knows… And what about those podcasts that exist just as themselves? The Dawn and Drew Show (, an excellent and very popular programme from a couple of Wisconsin alterno-nerds, only exists as a podcast, but it’s a regular, fi ve-show-aweek talkshow with thousands of listeners worldwide. That seems like radio; as does, an alternative music station that calls itself a blogzine. But what of the CMG (Coke Machine Glow) podcast, which you fi nd on the Little Radio website? That’s just a selection of good college rock tunes, like radio without the talking, or ye olde mix-tape that you make and give to friends. It’s a good one, too, by the way.

Who’s Paying For Podcasts?
Other podcast businesses aren’t willing to hand over basic rate information. Ron Bloom, whose PodShow network includes some of Podcasting’s most high-profile names– The Dawn and Drew Show, for instance, features a married Wisconsin couple who discuss raunchy topics, bicker and sing–says he doesn’t give advertisers a CPM rate . “We advise them on which shows to advertise with,” he says. “But it isn’t productive to do CPM in this new media.”

The Sheboygan Press
Podcasting makes pros out of amateurs
Dawn Miceli, 29, and Drew Domkus, 34, the masterminds behind the highly successful “Dawn and Drew Show,” which boasts listeners in the hundreds of thousands, got into podcasting with a computer and a $20 microphone.
PodShow and Limelight Networks Launch PodShowPDN–The First High Performance Delivery Network for Podcasting
PodShow is delivering hundreds-of-thousands of downloads of our show with no hiccups,” said Drew Domkus, Producer and Co Host of the wildly-popular The Dawn & Drew Show. “PodShow has really worked hard on this – I can’t wait for all podcasters to experience the ‘PDN’.

Asheville Citizen Times
Here’s how to star in your own podcasts
Drew Domkus and Dawn Miceli surf the Internet for photos of plastic surgery gone awry while recording an evening’s podcast. With not much more than a laptop computer, a cheap microphone and two pairs of inexpensive headphones, they record the Podcast called The Dawn and Drew Show…
IDog helps Podshow dig up sales
With a lineup of dozens of programs like “Dawn and Drew” and “Rock and Roll Geek Show,” Podshow ( is delivering files for downloading to hundreds of thousands of listeners. “Increasingly media is being generated by consumers and being consumed by other consumers. Our primary mission is to take this content, turn it into a property and sell it to Madison Avenue,” added Bloom.
All hail the podfather
To date, that list reads like a who’s who of the podcasting community and includes such luminaries as Dawn and Drew, Adam Curry (see above), Witchita Rutherford and PW Fenton to name but a few.

First Look: GarageBand 3
Despite some shortcomings, GarageBand 3’s podcasting features make it a robust and versatile audio editing program. Some podcasters have been using it for more than a year, such as Dawn Miceli and Drew Domkus of the Dawn and Drew Show—and that was before the latest changes to the application.

Ventura County Star
Advertisers are taking notice of podcasting’s possibilities
They haven’t quite achieved that goal yet, but their downloadable “Dawn and Drew” show is now so popular that it’s courted by big-name advertisers — despite its sometimes raunchy and profane language.

Year of the podcast
Which is what happened this week, when we learned that podcasting isn’t just for the hardcore geeks anymore. It’s become much more than the insular and self-referential world of Adam Curry, Dave Winer, Dawn and Drew, Michael Geoghegan and others. Now, it’s gone mainstream—so much so, that “podcast” was declared as the Word of the Year by The New Oxford American Dictionary.

Macworld Podcast #14: Podcast Expo
The conference featured sessions on creating and delivering digital content—that’s fancy talk for “podcasting”—and drew podcasters from around the country. I spoke to several—including Dawn Miceli and Drew Domkus of “Dawn and Drew” fame—about how they got into podcasting, why they do it, and the gear they use to deliver their podcasts to the masses. Maybe it will inspire you to dive into making a podcast of your own.

Do Public Broadcasters Get Podcasting?
November 01, 2005
“The pros can do it easier, faster, and generally better than all but the most organized and talented amateurs,” argues Hill. “They have greater experience and resources when it comes to creating quality programming – particularly ongoing series. This accounts for the fact that professionally produced shows now account for over 90% of the iTunes top 100 podcast list, and the smutty charms of early podcast stars like Dawn and Drew are now off the list.”

The point of podcasting
October 10, 2005
For now, podcasting isn’t a way to make huge amounts of money. Unless you’re Adam Curry, the “podfather” and founder of PodShow, and/or his “podchildren,” Dawn and Drew, you’re probably not going to be quitting your day job to start a full-time podcast anytime soon.

Bostonist Rates The UFN Show
September 05, 2005
With a show that’s light on format, a large part of the appeal rests on the comedic ability of the hosts and the chemistry they have together. Bostonist thinks that UFN’s biggest problem is there are five hosts who often find themselves talking over each other. With so much going on, it becomes very hard to follow the show and what they are talking about at the moment. The UFN Show has some hard comedy competition from Dawn and Drew, who currently set the gold standard, and so far, UFN has not been able to match up.

Stuff to do, to buy, to talk about
Aug. 4, 2005
Since then, nearly 100 magazines and newspapers have spotlighted the couple. The Dawn and Drew show podcasts nightly from the couple’s 1895 farmhouse in rural Wayne. In a little more than a year, they’ve received world attention, with some media outlets applauding their podcasting success – Durex condoms recently began sponsoring the show that isn’t a show. Others just like Miceli and Domkus and the homespun spin they put on racy topics. One described the show, which is really a nightly conversation, as a cross between Howard Stern’s show and “A Prairie Home Companion.”

The Era Of The Mixmaster
Personally, I envision athletes, musicians and cartel-level drug dealers all becoming cult media brands equal to that of, say, syndicated stars such as Rush Limbaugh or Al Franken. Your next-door neighbors have the same opportunity, as podcasters Dawn Miceli and Drew Domkus have proven.

Porn purveyors push prurient podcasts
July 27, 2005
And, not surprisingly, they’re gaining swarms of avid fans. “Open Source Sex” ranked as the fourth most popular show on the iTunes directory of the top 100 podcasts–above CNN, ESPN and the Wall Street Journal. “The Dawn and Drew Show” ranked 30th. And on’s list of today’s most popular podcasts, the top four were sex-related shows. The trend is far less shocking than the material red-faced listeners may hear on the shows. As the site’s founder Andrew Leyden told Newsweek, “No matter what the technology is, sex finds a way to get involved.”

The Podcast as a New Podium
July 22, 2005

In the first category, I like “The Dawn and Drew Show,” on which a couple – the prolific podcasters Dawn and Drew, who describe themselves in a blurb as “ex-gutter punks” who now live in a Wisconsin farmhouse – make each other laugh and get on each other’s nerves. It is the kind of mesmerizing voyeurism you can imagine submitting to on a long solo road trip.
Dawn, who has the more flamboyant personality, evidently rules the couple’s roost; she sometimes proposes a sketch – in which she and her husband free-associate on various words, for instance – and then crushes it if it’s not working. She uses jokes and spaciness to cover gaps in her knowledge, as when she thought the Hindenburg blimp was literally a lead zeppelin. And she stages dramatic changes of heart about Drew. On a recent broadcast she suddenly said: “I’m divorcing you! No, I love you!”
Drew replied, unflappably, “Which is it?” And Dawn said: “Both! I’m torn!” She sounded petulant, unreachable.

Podcasting goes from indie to mainstream overnight
July 14, 2005
Listeners signed up for more than 1 million free podcast subscriptions in just two days when iTunes started featuring them last month. That includes independent podcasts, such as “The Dawn and Drew Show.” But the soaring popularity of mainstream podcasts on iTunes might make it tough for indies to find an audience – and profitability.

Apple releases iTunes 4.9 for Mac and Windows with podcasting features
June 28, 2005
The new Podcast Directory in iTunes 4.9 features over 3,000 free audio programs, making it one of the largest Podcast directories in the world, with favorites such as ABC News, Adam Curry, BBC, Clear Channel, The Dawn and Drew Show, Disney, Engadget, ESPN, Newsweek and NPR member stations such as KCRW in Los Angeles and WGBH in Boston.

Bring Radio to Your iPod
The Dawn and Drew Show has become wildly popular, but its official motto is true: “It’s mostly funny stuff, but at times may be offensive.”.

Podcasting to the world
April 1, 2005
Like most couples, Dawn Miceli and her husband Drew enjoy sitting round a table in the evening and mulling over the mundane events that made up their day.
Unlike most couples, the conversations in their farmhouse in rural Wisconsin are listened to by up to 35,000 people from Tennessee to Thailand and South Dakota to South Korea.
Dawn and Drew are podcasters – stars of an internet-based phenomenon which, in seven short months, has mushroomed at such a pace that some pundits are predicting a serious challenge to mainstream radio.

Are You Into Podcasting?
31 March 2005
People broadcast about many subjects, including religion, their everyday lives or hobbies such as fishing or drinking wine. Right now, a very popular podcast is called “The Dawn and Drew Show”. Dawn and Drew are a young wife and husband who live in the state of Wisconsin. Their show is meant to be funny. In it, they talk about their lives and whatever interests them at that moment. They bring guests to their show, including their parents and other family members.

Dawn and Drew dish out humor via podcasting
“Dishing out daily humor as well as rants and raves about everyday life, the Web-broadcast Dawn and Drew Show — which is available in mp3 format — has made quite a name for itself on the ‘Net.”

Have mike, will podcast!
“Dawn and Drew are podcasters – stars of an internet-based phenomenon which, in seven short months, has mushroomed at such a pace that some pundits are predicting a serious challenge to mainstream radio.”

BBC News

‘Podcasters’ look to net money
“Others use in-show promotions, like The Dawn and Drew Show.”

The Globe and Mail

Radio blogs get great reception
Hash brownies were not consumed on The Dawn and Drew Show. Incorrect information appeared yesterday.

CNN Next

Quicktime Movie (7.5mb)
thanks to Michael Geoghegan from Reel Reviews for the clip.

CBC News – The Hour

Windows Media Video (9.5mb)
tod maffin is our hero

The Post and Courier |


The genesis of Podcasting

username/password: theseloginssuck/theseloginssuck

DAWN: So Chinatown was cool. Saw naked people, a lot of Chinese.

– “The Dawn and Drew Show,” recorded Feb. 21 on a bed in a San Francisco friend’s guest room.

Successful podcasts like Slusher’s seem to find their audience over time. The most popular is “The Dawn and Drew Show,” a general-interest talkfest that usually consists of a husband and wife gabbing in their Wisconsin living room. A libertarian podcast sparked a scandal last week when its hosts suggested listeners boost their show’s ranking by panning Dawn and Drew. The faithful howled.

Boise Weekly


Podcasting for the Plebian

The latest in Internet technology decoded

At present, a husband and wife team bantering away for your potential enjoyment may dominate the market in The Dawn and Drew Show…

Hippo Press


Invasion of the iPod People


Podcasting gives voice to amateurs

Clamor Magazine


Clamor’s First Podcasting Cameo

Green Bay News


The joy of podcasting

View Magazine



Wired Magazine


Adam Curry Wants to Make You an iPod Radio Star

San Francisco Chronicle


Podcasting gives voice to amateurs

San Francisco Chronicle


Homespun shows find big audience

Shreveport Times


MP3 fans tune in to podcasting

IT AsiaOne


I’m a podcaster, hear me blog



ExtremeiPod’s Podcasting Directory



Understanding the Podcasting Revolution

Detroit News

iPods offer radio with no rules

Amateur voices return to radio via podcasting

CNN – Paula Zahn Now

iPod Nation by Paula Zahn (23mb .mov)
just the podcasting clip (3mb .mov)
242 238

The Washington Times

Podcasts penetrate radio market

USA Today

Podcasting: It’s all over the dial
photos by John Zich

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

MiPod or yours?
photo by Jim Bovin

American Public Radio – Marketplace

The next big thing…

Radio World Magazine


Podcasting: Is It Radio’s Next Wave?

CPU Magazine

Good-bye Radio

NPR – Technology

Personal Radio Via Podcasting Grows More Popular

Mercury News

Podcasting Power

Kansas City Star

My very own radio station has transformed my listening habits

Twin Cities Pioneer Press

Popular Pocasts

Kansas City Star

A Download Away

Wired News

You, Too, Can Be a Podcaster

HotWired Japan – Technology


Boston Phoenix

Feed Your Head

BBC News – Technology

Podcasts bring DIY radio to the web

The Boston Globe – News

Computer, microphone, iPod make broadcasting personal

Robert Scoble’s Scobelizer

Letter to Bill Gates

The Guardian

Personal Soundtracks

Dave Winer of

I just listened to my first Dawn & Drew podcast. They’re awesome.

Adam Curry of

Drew gets ready to kick my ass when I was goosing Dawn.


New York Times

The unscripted “Dawn and Drew Show,” one of the most popular podcasts so far, is recorded in the living room of Ms. Miceli, an artist, and Mr. Domkus, who provides technical support for an office building in nearby Milwaukee. They play off each other like Abbott and Costello, with Mr. Domkus as the straight man and Ms. Miceli as the joker, continually cracking jokes and making off-the-wall comments (and sometimes venturing into sexual subject matter).

The Boston Globe – December 20, 2004

Garfield loves loading up his iPod, before taking a long walk around Jamaica Pond, with the latest edition of ”The Dawn and Drew Show,” the real-life and often off-color bantering of a husband and wife in rural Wisconsin. He also likes downloading one of the few mass-market shows now being podcast, ”Morning Stories” on Boston’s WGBH-FM public radio station.


In his self-reported list alone, there are about 2,000 podcasts, including everything from down-home talk shows like the husband-and-wife bantering on “The Dawn and Drew Show” in Wayne, Wis., to MP3 bloggers like Roger McGuinn, the former Byrds frontman, who beams rare old-timey tunes to his subscribers (“It’s been very gratifying,” he tells NEWSWEEK of the feedback he’s gotten). It’s pirate radio writ large and legal.

The Guardian,3605,1363637,00.html

The available feeds range from Skinny Bones on Air, a podcast featuring “the experiences gained from writing, directing and editing an independent feature film”, to the increasingly infamous Dawn and Drew show, “a husband and wife podcasting duo coming to you from the town of Wayne, Wisconsin”.

Australian IT,7204,11514234^15382^^nbv^,00.html

Engadget is chatter from the website of the same name about the latest gadgets and The Dawn and Drew Show is a husband-and-wife chat show from Wayne, Wisconsin.

The State

“The Dawn & Drew Show,” broadcast from Wayne, Wis. Listen for: Dawn’s daily confessions of love for former MTV host Adam Curry.

Philidelphia Inquirer

Dawn and Drew figure they now have a couple of thousand listeners who have downloaded their 18 shows, so many that their Internet service provider can’t handle the traffic.

Arizona Central

Dawn and Drew figure they now have a couple of thousand listeners who have downloaded their 18 shows, so many that their Internet service provider can’t handle the traffic.

VeertienElf Media

Een andere populaire podcast is The Dawn and Drew Show die gemaakt wordt door een jong Amerikaans echtpaar uit Wayne, Wisconsin. Ze maken een paar keer per week een hilarisch kort programma dat letterlijk de hele wereld overgaat. Zo zijn er nog tientallen andere shows beschikbaar over talloze thema’s.

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