stop! animation

zombie chimpwhen i was younger i used to watch gumby and there was nothing more amusing than his coasting little feet, skating across my little girl heart. i would try to make stop animation movies on my own but would get bored after shooting the first 3 seconds, which is the equivalent of 10,000 years to a younger Dawn Miceli. you could blame my A.D.D. or the fact that pregnant women in the seventies were free to consume cigarettes and alcohol, free from judgment, but I still was a five year old film making failure. I let that dream die, right along with my dream to become a mermaid and show off my tiny luscious boobs with strategically placed sea shells.

Fast forward eleven years and I realized my dream for doing a kick ass stop animation movie was not dead! I felt the pull again, I felt the fire to create, I was being pulled into the creative cosmos of self expression!

Ok, my friend’s incredibly hot older brother was making one, and I wanted to make out with him / make a movie too.

We spent hours playing with clay and creating sets and in the end we did have a two minute masterpiece although it was created entirely without ANY making out which was a disappointment (and makes me question if perhaps the older brother was gay as it was a FRIDAY NIGHT and he was SOOOO HOT but yet alone with HIS PARENTS and totally not grabbing my boobs which I was practically placing in his palms. And really, he was so very pretty… )

So that was the last time I tried to make a stop animation movie….. until the other night after a few shots to celebrate the victory of Cinco de Mayo where a very half assed drunk film crew, (me drew and paul) shot this little treasure on drew’s iphone as we were too lazy to go upstairs and get the nice camera.

It kinda sucks but it does amuse me and make me want to make another one, this time with a background and better lighting…. oh and more making out.

now u make one too!