my pen pal


i have a pen pal and her name is Jenna. She is hands down the very best pen pay in the whole universe and beyond. In fact, she is such a high quality pen pal that I can’t help but feel I am squandering her talents. A few years ago I started to get these wonderful letters from her, pages long full of perfect penmanship and delicious details. Every few weeks I would receive another letter and just devour it, celebrating in the fact that there was someone out there that was WRITING ME! On PAPER! Using their own HAND and then mailing it TO ME!

To receive a letter in the mail is such a wonderful and increasingly rare treat. A physical manifestation that someone else in the world was thinking of you. I want to respond to every letter but then let things get in the way and I suck at it, I am a shitty pen pal undeserving of the caliber that Jenna delivers.

But her letters keep coming and each time I am so very excited to see something poking out of the stack of junk mail. Recently Jenna and her lovely husband Greg had a beautiful baby they named Lloyd. He is five months old and looks just like them, completely adorable. I’ve been meaning to respond to her latest letter and so today I will cut this blog entry short to do just that.

Because Jenna is not just an amazing pen pal, she is my cherished friend.

now go write your own pen pal a letter! they deserve it!!
see you next week kittens



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