dear otis

otisdear otis,

i know we only just met the other day but I can’t stop thinking about you. At first you were so timid, watching me from a distance until I was able to break thru with my sweet words. You are so electric, like fire and glowing even in the sun. When you moved closer to me and I touched you for the first time we both felt a special connection, a spark like the little ember you resemble. I hoped you wouldn’t hurt me and you accepted my trust with an open heart. I was right about you and you returned my affection with your very unique little kiss.

I daydream about you and if we were able to be together how you would be my constant companion. You could tell me secrets in my ears and I would teach you my words. I hope someone there loves you like I could, if only I knew how, and circumstance wasn’t there to keep us apart.

Perhaps I should free you… perhaps it would be worth the risk to be able to kiss you without boundaries. Do I have the courage to face the scaly dragons and bearded ladies who keep you imprisoned? Could I face the wrath of he who says no more beloveds?

my dear otis, my little ember