video podcasts

D&Dtv – First Ice

Traton and I head out to Pike Lake in Hartford, WI and found only 5″ of ice to fish through. Not many other guys daring to go out yet.

Music: Loon Techno by Dawn Miceli

D&Dtv – Sk8r Diary v.28

Ryan and Aaron join me in a barn session where we added a grind box up on the deck to create s 2′ vertical wall extension. It was about 25 degrees and the camera died before I could get footage of us killing ourselves learning the new wall, so I got out the next day to get a solid wall ride in this entry.

Music: Nil Desperandum by Black Caverns

D&Dtv – Pong Pocket

The most awesome game ever. Ping Pong a.k.a. Table Tennis, but on a pool table. Pockets are 2 points. Bumpers, light, walls are all in play. 3 pockets in a game wins. Any combo to pockets wins. Stalls win. So fun!!

D&Dtv – Sk8r Diary v.24

Ryan and I working on some boneless and bean plant variations in this installment of my skater diary.

Music is a song called Demencial by B1 Music

D&Dtv – Sk8r Diary v.22

Labor Day weekend session with my buddy Aaron. Working on some frontside manuals out of the ramp and just having fun. I love skateboarding!

Music: Dutch Courage by Armitage Shanks