Event: Dawn-a-pa-Drew-za 9.0
Theme: The Fifth Element
Date: August 18-20, 2017*

Sponsored by Brenner Brewing!
Sponsored by
Brenner Brewing!


This year it’s “Pay what you can” to help cover costs. Turnout is low, so there will no longer be shirts/hoodies or the traditional Fish Fry. Use this link to donate some money if you’re planning to come or bring some cash.

It’s that time again Minions!! Come camp with the D&D Crew, other minions, skateboarding barn burners, and locals. Come and have one of the best times of your life. We’ve been doing this a long time now and the farm just keeps getting better and better each year. Since we took off last year, the anticipation for this one is going to be epic!

This year’s theme is the movie The Fifth Element since it’s the best film ever, and we want to see which character you’ll be dressed as for the big party on Saturday night for Dawn’s Birthday!! And Saturday is her actual birthday this year!! She sure does love receiving gifts of Jameson, wink wink 😉

As per the usual we’ll have non-stop partying, but we reserve Friday evening for a traditional Fish Fry dinner in the barn before things get too hectic. Saturday during the day we have our world famous lawn game Oi!lympics for fabulous trophies, and then of course the themed party in the barn Saturday night. Since skateboarding has become such a big part of the D&D experience, we’re going to have our first ever Old Dude Skate Co sponsored skateboarding contest on Friday night with a trophy for the ultimate winner!

Our very own JB and his band The High 5 will be performing live on stage Saturday night!

The Raccoon Cafe will also be back this year and will be serving Saturday brunch and Sunday farewell breakfasts!

Some of the activities/amenities you can expect: Camping; Fire pit; Pool table; Pong Pocket®; Ping pong; Beer pong; Foozball; Air hockey; Darts; Horseshoes; Cornhole (Bag toss); Jarts; Kites; Dogs; Walking; Exploring; Photography; Skateboarding; Drinking; Laughing; Dancing; Singing; Puking

* come early, stay late, get in touch… there’s a solar eclipse on Monday the 21st if you’d like to stick around and watch that together.

New idea this year!

Buy supplies and have them shipped to the farm via Amazon! Keep them at the farm for the next time you’re here, or donate them to the cause! A lot of people have bought tents and supplies at local stores on their way from the airport, but you could save a lot of hassle and send gear and even food via Amazon Prime and Pantry. Using our Amazon link will also help support the cause, just get in touch so that I can make sure you have the proper shipping address.

Of course this is all subject to change, yada yada…

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