Podcasting since September 2004, Dawn Miceli and Drew Domkus, two ex gutter punks who fall in love, buy a retired farm in Wisconsin (then move to Costa Rica and back) and tell the world their dirty secrets… Always profane, rarely profound.

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D&D #1057D&D 1057
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DNDS-1057.mp3 The Dawn and Drew Show! #1057 Topics include: Star Wars, go carts, photo shoots with cops and cop coats, and Dawn’s Mark Twain & Tesla DP fantasy. Classic podcasting. We’re starting to plan the next Dawn-a-pa-Drew-za. Are you going to be there? Call us and let us know! 206-338-1046 DAWNANDDREW.COM/PPCLUB NEW COMMENT LINE! 206-338-1046(…)


We’re talking about Kayden’s 8th birthday, kittens becoming cats and climbing trees, Dawn’s lack of arm strength, and we start planning for Dawn-a-pa-Drew-za 8!


We’re finally back together on the farm at D&D HQ, talking about our beloved Hercules, recent travel to warm places, and winning cash at fisherees!


DNDS-1056.mp3 The Dawn and Drew Show! #1056 In memory of our precious little Hercules, here’s Dawn’s BFFN Traton, giving us the details of the fisheree where she got hammered on Jameson while I was out on the road for my new job. There will be extra videos and photos for our PP Club that will(…)


Another speaker phone show while Drew is still out on the road and Dawn’s holding down the fort with the puppies.


DNDS-1055.mp3 The Dawn and Drew Show! #1055 Another speaker phone show while Drew is still out on the road and Dawn’s holding down the fort with the puppies. Check out our Valentine’s promotion at Adam & Eve: Get 50% off one item, a FREE Romance Kit and FREE shipping when you enter offer code DAWN.(…)


An on-the-road podcast while Drew’s in Texas and Dawn’s back at the farm.


DNDS-500.mp3 The Dawn and Drew Show! #500 Taking you way back to February, 2007. DNDS-500 – wow, half a thousand shows! we spend over an hour today and play a bunch of clips suggested by our wonderful listeners. your favorite moments that encapsulate the first 500 shows. thanks to everyone for the continued support, we(…)


DNDS-1054.mp3 The Dawn and Drew Show! #1054 Dawn really liked the movie The Institute and tells us all about it, plus an update on our oldest boy Hercules. We’re also updating the PP Club to include full archive access for only $5/mo! Tell 2 friends! Please and Thank You! We have a new Adam &(…)


Dawn went to see Into the Woods, so she’s now singing everything…


The Dawn and Drew Show! #1000 Live on stage in the D&D Party Barn during Dawn-a-pa-Drew-za 5.0, August 18th, 2012. Thank you everyone for the continued support and for joining us in this crazy podcasting adventure of ours. Still riding the wave… We have a new Adam & Eve promotion for you: 10 FREE gifts(…)


DNDS-1053.mp3 The Dawn and Drew Show! #1053 Our first show of the year and we’re bringing it with stories of dry skin, periods, frosty paws, frozen cows, pong pocket, pico de gallo, and parmesan. Dawn’s video link: 180 Uncontrollable Orgasms A Day New D&D artwork by Anna Denise. We have a new Adam & Eve(…)


Dawn has discovered tutting and then we talk about our recent Trans Siberian Orchestra experience. Sparks!!

2D1F – God Bless America

God Bless America – On a mission to rid society of its most repellent citizens, terminally ill Frank makes an unlikely accomplice in 16-year-old Roxy. Cold temps and strong beer fuel this slurred review of Bill Murray’s brother as he goes on a killing spree. For this review we’re drinking Namaste and #013 PsycHOPath. Brought(…)


We revisit the pizza vs. pizza rolls situation before Dawn literally gushes over the new hydro massage beds at the gym.

2D1F – Where the Buffalo Roam

Where the Buffalo Roam – Semi-biographical film based on the experiences of gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Very opposite opinions fuel this fun episode as we review Bill Murray’s version of Hunter S. Thompson and take shots of whiskey with stout chasers. For this review we’re drinking Secret Stache Stout and Old Thompson whiskey. Brought(…)

D&Dtv – First Ice

Traton and I head out to Pike Lake in Hartford, WI and found only 5″ of ice to fish through. Not many other guys daring to go out yet. Music: Loon Techno by Dawn Miceli


Dawn shares her latest adventure with our nephew Konner, where she took him to a free day at the zoo.


The Dawn and Drew Show! #1052 We’re celebrating Hercules and Raizin’s 15th Birthday!! And then we get into a serious discussion about the difference between serving a pizza vs. pizza rolls. Please chime in at 206-338-1046 We have a new Adam & Eve promotion for you: 10 FREE gifts with the purchase of any 1(…)

2D1F – Starship Troopers

Starship Troopers – Humans in a fascistic, militaristic future do battle with giant alien bugs in a fight for survival. Pretty decent action flick with quite a few predictable scenarios as well as very convenient when you consider how the cast interacts with each other throughout the movie. Let us know if you liked it(…)

D&Dtv – Sk8r Diary v.28

Ryan and Aaron join me in a barn session where we added a grind box up on the deck to create s 2′ vertical wall extension. It was about 25 degrees and the camera died before I could get footage of us killing ourselves learning the new wall, so I got out the next day(…)


Flashback Friday with D&D episode #100 from May 15, 2005. An hour long clip and comment show celebrating our first 100 shows! Get access to ALL the archives by joining the PP Club at the $25/mo level. That’s over 1150 shows! We have a new Adam & Eve promotion for you: 10 FREE gifts with(…)

DNDS PP Club #18

We’re trying to get caught up on our late PP Club episodes with this hot tale of Dawn’s crush on Kris Kristofferson.

DNDS PP Club #17

Dawn’s been having a string of bad luck lately, and she’d like to explain…


Flashback Friday with D&D episode #955 from March 1, 2011. After watching our latest video of Drew going from Costa Rica to Detroit and back to see Dawn play in Rasputina, here’s a show we recorded from the bed in our hotel room. Music at the end is Little Girl, by Smitten Bayou. Get access(…)

D&Dtv – Pong Pocket

The most awesome game ever. Ping Pong a.k.a. Table Tennis, but on a pool table. Pockets are 2 points. Bumpers, light, walls are all in play. 3 pockets in a game wins. Any combo to pockets wins. Stalls win. So fun!!

2D1F – Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer – Set in a future where a failed climate-change experiment kills all life on the planet except for a lucky few who boarded the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around the globe, where a class system emerges. We were both shocked at the high praise and ratings for this movie. Too many holes in(…)


Flashback Friday with D&D episode #380 from August 11, 2006. Topics include Grey Gardens, Rent-a-Rasta, and population control. Get access to ALL the archives by joining the PP Club at the $25/mo level. That’s over 1150 shows! We have a new Adam & Eve promotion for you: 10 FREE gifts with the purchase of any(…)

2D1F – Labyrinth

Labyrinth – Fifteen-year-old Sarah accidentally wishes her baby half-brother, Toby, away to the Goblin King Jareth who will keep Toby if Sarah does not complete his Labyrinth in thirteen hours. It’s hard to go wrong with Jim Henson, George Lucas, Jennifer Connely, and David Bowie. Lots of side notes in this episode about the production(…)

DNDS PP Club #16

Dawn checks in from New York where she’s been playing music with Melora.

D&Dtv – Sk8r Diary v.25

Some frontside grinds in my new Stretch Sole Crocs. Shot, edited, and published on my iPhone 6.


The Dawn and Drew Show! #1051 Dawn’s upcoming trip, spirit animals, Snowpiercer on the next upcoming 2D1F, being immortal, catching poop, non-gay craigslist ads, mountain biking in a Polaris RZR, and a murder suicide via blow job. We have a new Adam & Eve promotion for you: 10 FREE gifts with the purchase of any(…)

DNDS PP Club #15

Topics in this episode: gratitude, our new kittens, costumes, saving love notes, Dawn’s upcoming musical train adventure, Drew gets some new Crocs, iPhone 6 slo-mo, Lena Dunham, sex with twins. Little Girl.

2D1F – 9

9 – A rag doll that awakens in a postapocalyptic future holds the key to humanity’s salvation. A very visual animated movie with the support of Tim Burton that tells the story of the world’s apocalypse through the fake eyes of a burlap sack dolls. For this review we’re drinking Silver Creek Porter, Pumpkin Lager,(…)

DNDS PP Club #14

Dawn tells us all about our latest adventures as aunty and uncle.


The Dawn and Drew Show! #1050 Kirk Cameron is back at it, this time trying to claim Halloween, we have a kitten update here at the farm, and we also have a free gift for our PP Club members! We have a new Adam & Eve promotion for you: 10 FREE gifts with the purchase(…)

2D1F – (T)Raumschiff Surprise – Periode 1

[powerpress] (T)Raumschiff Surprise – Periode 1 – Hundreds of years after humans have settled on Mars, Regulator Rogul and Lord Jens Maul, lead a force of Martians to Earth in order to conquer the planet. Queen Metaphor looks to the gay heroes aboard the spaceship Surprise — Captain Kork, Mr. Spuck, and first engineer Schrotty(…)

D&Dtv – Sk8r Diary v.24

Ryan and I working on some boneless and bean plant variations in this installment of my skater diary. Music is a song called Demencial by B1 Music

DNDS PP Club #13

D&D PP Club #13 Dawn shares a story about her sister Christy on her birthday.


The Dawn and Drew Show! #1049 Our Captured! By Robots documentary, Unmasked! is finished, The Owl and the Pussycat voted most popular childhood poem, Dawn’s been busy painting her winter space pink, and did you know there are taxidermy reality shows?? We have a new Adam & Eve promotion for you: 10 FREE gifts with(…)

2D1F – All Good Things

All Good Things – Mr. David Marks was suspected but never tried for killing his wife Katie who disappeared in 1982, but the truth is eventually revealed. Our 100th Episode!! and somehow we picked another Ryan Gosling movie… For this review we’re drinking Flipside Red IPA, and Bully Porter. Brought to you by: That Bead(…)

DNDS PP Club #12

Our Anniversary Show! 20 years together, 14 years married, 10 years of podcasting!! Dawn expresses her feelings about the impending winter, Dawn took Kayden to the Mlwaukee Maker Fair, and also took a quiz about what she wants to be when she finally grows up. Thanks so much for supporting the show!


The Dawn and Drew Show! #1048 Dawn has eaten beeferonie and is paying the price… speaking of butts, we talk about J-Lo and Iggy’s Booty video. Our Captured! by Robots movie is almost done, but we’re going to meet up on 10/24 for Drew’s Bday at the Cactus Club show in Milwaukee! DNDS-1048.mp3 DAWNANDDREW.COM/PPCLUB NEW(…)

DNDS PP Club #11

D&D PP Club #11 The Dawn & Drew Patreon Patron Club – Topics include: letters to prisoners, anime porn, beard beer, cleaning out horse smegma, digital downloads of our Rasputina documentary (sorry no COUpon) now available at reelhouse.org, NFL and child abuse.

2D1F – Witness

Witness – A young Amish boy is sole witness to a murder; policeman John Book goes into hiding in Amish country to protect him until the trial. I remember liking this movie much more when I first saw it in the 80’s, the corn silo seemed like such a crazy scene, and we got to(…)

2D1F – World’s Greatest Dad

World’s Greatest Dad – When his son’s body is found in a humiliating accident, a lonely high school teacher inadvertently attracts an overwhelming amount of community and media attention after covering up the truth with a phony suicide note. Wow, what a weird movie to watch right after the news of Robin Williams committing suicide(…)


The Dawn and Drew Show! #1047 We’re recording this show on our way to feast at Rodizio Grill, a Brazillian steakhouse in Milwaukee, and made a pit stop to talk to our favorite brewmaster, Mike Brenner of Brenner Brewing. DNDS-1046.mp3 DAWNANDDREW.COM/PPCLUB NEW COMMENT LINE! 206-338-1046 Be sure to check out the Archives and listen to(…)

2D1F – The Spanish Prisoner

The Spanish Prisoner – An employee of a corporation with a lucrative secret process is tempted to betray it. But there’s more to it than that. A movie suggested by our friend at Electric Confections, and we’re not sure yet if it was a prank or not. We both hated it, but Rotten Tomatoes is(…)

D&Dtv – Sk8r Diary v.22

Labor Day weekend session with my buddy Aaron. Working on some frontside manuals out of the ramp and just having fun. I love skateboarding! Music: Dutch Courage by Armitage Shanks


The Dawn and Drew Show! #1046 The dogs are going nuts as we record today and give you an update on hercules and his bad teeth. We also learn how deep Drew’s VW Bus obsession is as he digs deep into the whereabouts of the amazing Phantom Bus that was built by Amen Motorcycles, butt(…)


This is for those of you that don’t follow along on the website, or Facebook, or Twitter, and only get content from the RSS feed. This is the audio from our Patreon introduction video. DNDS-Patreon.mp3 Please head over to: Patreon.com/dawnanddrew to help support D&D and get extra audio every week!

2D1F – Sharknado

Sharknado – When a freak hurricane swamps Los Angeles, nature’s deadliest killer rules sea, land, and air as thousands of sharks terrorize the waterlogged populace. Cheese factor goes all the way to 11 in this scyfy movie that obviously had to work within a very small budget. Sharks get pulled into water spouts that hit(…)

2D1F – Serenity

Serenity – The crew of the ship Serenity tries to evade an assassin sent to recapture one of their number who is telepathic. Not much to say since the movie is pretty much perfect. Thick story with deep characters. We had a hard time really breaking it down since there’s so much goodness always going(…)


The Dawn and Drew Show! #1045 All about animals… PATREON.COM/DAWNANDDREW DNDS-1045.mp3 NEW COMMENT LINE! 206-338-1046 Be sure to check out the Archives and listen to our complete catalog, starting all the way back in September 2004! Thanks to Adam & Eve for the continued support! Use the code DAWN and save big! Or simply bookmark(…)

2D1F – Police Academy

[powerpress] Police Academy – A group of good-hearted but incompetent misfits enter the police academy, but the instructors there are not going to put up with their pranks. Oh the memories… A homophobic, racist comedy about a very militaristic group of police hopefuls. For this review we’re drinking Gluttenberg and Gluttony: Hog Wild. Brought to(…)

D&Dtv – Dutchies Trippin part 1

Our wonderful Dutch friends from Sloerie Source are on a US road trip making their way to the D&D Farm for Dawn-a-pa-Drew-za!


The Dawn and Drew Show! #1044 Dawn talks about her ridiculous idea of cutting into the silo before we learn about her upcoming Miceli family trip to Florida, but we also celebrate Stanley’s birthday!! We’ll talk about his present on an upcoming show. PATREON.COM/DAWNANDDREW DNDS-1044.mp3 NEW COMMENT LINE! 206-338-1046 Be sure to check out the(…)

2D1F – Django Unchained

[powerpress] Django Unchained – With the help of a German bounty hunter, a freed slave sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner. Another classic from Tarantino, almost 3 hours but it kept the pace the entire time… A dramatic love story between separated slaves. For this review we’re drinking KCCO(…)


The Dawn and Drew Show! #1043 Laser hair treatment, roommates with no hair, Dawn got to talk with “real life” E.T., Tesla doc via the comment line 206-338-1046, and cholo gay porn. PATREON.COM/DAWNANDDREW DNDS-1043.mp3 NEW COMMENT LINE! 206-338-1046 Be sure to check out the Archives and listen to our complete catalog, starting all the way(…)

D&Dtv – Sk8r Diary v.21

Full Barn Burner crew in this diary entry with Ryan, Seth and Aaron all ripping it up. Backside 180 shuvit to pivot now in the bag of tricks! Music: Babylon Down by Talawa Reggae Band from Costa Rica


The Dawn and Drew Show! #1042 Today we bring you the long awaited return of Mr. PaulBlann.com PATREON.COM/DAWNANDDREW DNDS-1042.mp3 NEW COMMENT LINE! 206-338-1046 Be sure to check out the Archives and listen to our complete catalog, starting all the way back in September 2004! Thanks to Adam & Eve for the continued support! Use the(…)

2D1F – Kung fu and Titties

Kung Fu and Titties – Richard Titties, an out-of-shape martial arts wannabe, is shot into an alternate dimension after his girlfriend Cynthia is kidnapped. Her captors are a group of tittie obsessed madmen led by Zeefros, the master of the supernatural realm. Zeefros kidnaps women for the sole purpose of seeing their titties. Richard joins(…)

D&Dtv – Sk8r Diary v.20

Landed my first blunt tricks! Backside blunt to pivot and to 50-50 grind. Couple of new freinds on the ramp tonight too, Ryan and Tom join Aaron and myself. Skate or Die!

2D1F – World War Z

World War Z – United Nations employee Gerry Lane traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to destroy humanity itself. The wives sit in again as we drink shots of Bacardi Zombie each time someone says “zombie”… so be prepared. We(…)


The Dawn and Drew Show! #1041 Shopping for fireworks, flying a drone through fireworks, roman candle fights, and almost losing Stanley since he crossed the road! Dawn then gives us a full review of the documentary called The Source Family. NEW COMMENT LINE! 206-338-1046 PATREON.COM/DAWNANDDREW DNDS-1041.mp3 Be sure to check out the Archives and listen(…)

DNDS PP Club #3

D&D PP Club #3 Happy Birthday ‘Murica!! It’s the 4th of July and Dawn wants to talk about the movie Independence Day. We also talk about poop a lot… again. We have a new voice mail number, it’s 206-338-1046. Give it a try and get on the show!


The Dawn and Drew Show! #1040 Dawn actually has a bug on her again, but then talks about her adventure of cutting the grass amongst a swarm of baby toads, and explains her phobia. Then some talk of grandmas, adopting grandchildren and isolation tanks. PATREON.COM/DAWNANDDREW DNDS-1040.mp3 Be sure to check out the Archives and listen(…)

2D1F – Prison Girls

Prison Girls – Six female prisoners are given a weekend furlough to prepare them for their upcoming parole. While out, they all have miscellaneous sexual experiences, some good, some bad. One returns to her pimp even though he beats her, one overcomes her frigidity, one gets gang raped, two join in a threesome, and one(…)

D&Dtv – Sk8r Diary v.19

Continuing to progress… always learning new tricks. Music: B-One – Everyday is Another Day

DNDS PP Club #2

D&D PP Club #2 3 years after we return from Costa Rica Dawn’s shark activated anal jetpack West Allis news: 2 bodies found in a suitcase http://fox6now.com/2014/06/25/developing-walworth-county-crime-lab-on-scene-near-80th-and-lincoln-in-west-allis/ Why do Fritos smell like dogs feet? Flintstones campground and swinging Grand Canyon donkey PP Club shootouts!

D&Dtv – Sk8r Diary v.18

I didn’t get out for #GoSkateboardingDay this past Saturday, but I made up for it Sunday night with some Snoop Lion inspiration…


The Dawn and Drew Show! #1039 We’re back from PSG! Dawn was gone all week and Drew went for his first time ever over the weekend. PATREON.COM/DAWNANDDREW DNDS-1037.mp3 Be sure to check out the Archives and listen to our complete catalog, starting all the way back in September 2004! Thanks to Adam & Eve for(…)

2D1F – Good Dick

Good Dick – A look at the relationship between a lonely introverted girl and a young video store clerk vying for her attention. A pretty odd movie that revolves around a girl with major daddy issues. For this review we’re drinking Nude Beach and one of the first official Brenner Brewing growlers of Star Baby(…)