Puter n me

puter n megood morning monday

i’m gonna listen to Flunk as I type this, its a lovely little band I discovered through Pandora and bought a bunch of their albums on itunes right away. That is one of the best things about the internet, new discoveries and hidden little treasures like a band you may of never heard of but shall adore.

it got me starting to think about the impact of computers in our daily lives and how yesterday I almost sucked the big donkey dick of misery. I was never a laptop girl, I could understand it but there was always something I enjoyed about a chunky desktop computer. It stayed in its place and I couldn’t lug it around with me on vacations so I could enjoy true freedom and relaxation from technology. Then I borrowed a laptop from a friend and even though it smelled strangely of armpits I fell in love with the portable experience. Check your email outside, sure! ichat from the bath, indeed! I wrote the forward to the book Podcasting for Dummies outside on my hammock one lovely summer day and plenty of cramps have been suffered thru with my little laptop in bed with me, watching movies that make me cry in a good necessary way.

I eventually had to give back Pitty but then I got a laptop of my own, she’s a white iBook G4 and while she lacks some of the fancy upgrades the later editions have I still love my little Puter.

And yesterday I nearly killed her.

I normally work at my desk, (I’m there right now writing this) and I usually have something to drink on a coaster near me. Yesterday it was a glass of ice water in a cup sent as a gift from a beloved listener. Well, me and my awkwardness knocked that glass right over, pouring the entire contents INTO MY PUTER! I risked my life by quickly unplugging it and then yelled “fuck!”. It must of been my tone because Drew came running out of a dead sleep with that single word and we started the frantic process of towels, qtips, hairdryers and more cussing. Domkus actually said “shit” which made me pause for a moment as I could barely believe my ears but then I snapped back into reality and got back to my own cuss infested cleaning.

Luckily my model has a keyboard you can lift up, something I have never needed to do before. I was able to soak up all the water and so far, (knock on wood) it seems as if she is ok. I know Puter is just a little combo of plastic, metals and magic but she is mine and I’m glad I didn’t drown her in my pursuit of hydration.

I’m a lucky girl indeed!