it’s the name of the game

true lovehola u,

in my house there is a folder. it is yellow and full of scraps of paper. some of the paper has doodles and scientific looking diagrams, some just have clever and amazing idears.

welcome to my inventions folder.

Sure, I know what you’re saying. You can’t be an inventor Dawn Miceli!!!! You are just way too hot and funny. Really the IDEAL girlfriend when you stop to think about it, the kind of girlfriend where your family is gonna just fall in love with me and your friends will be so jealous you were able to snag such a fine piece of ass. You might even begin to question WHY such a lovely woman is interested in you… you may begin to doubt yourself and your value as a human being.

This is normal. Process and move along, this blog isn’t about YOU but ME and my greatness.

So yes, I’m an inventor. I think of idears all the time, sometimes they are amazing and sometimes they are fucking amazing! Last week I had a few really good ones which I can’t tell you about because big brother will steal them but trust me when I tell you they were some goodies. One is a new board game that I am currently building a prototype for and I am eager to force my friends to play it just so I can study them while wearing a white lab coat and glasses. I shall do a lot of , “hmmmmm” and “ahhhhss” and then to mix it up will add, “that is very interesting”.

It will all be very official and useless but I have these really sweet vintage glasses that make me look so smart and I look for excuses to wear them whenever possible.

So you see, I am an inventor. I have a folder. AND I look hot in some old lady’s glasses.

its a win, win!


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