DNDS-1000 Video

DNDS-1000 video
Purchase your copy of the D&D 1000 Video for only $5

The Dawn and Drew Show! #1000 – Video
Here’s your chance to experience a little bit of Dawn-a-pa-Drew-za if you’ve never been able to make it to one of them. We have for you a 30 minute video from the weekend that consists of an edited version of DNDS-1000 along with clips from throughout the weekend. We had such a great time hosting everyone and wanted to be able to share our awesome milestone with you.

mp4 – 31:25 – 1280×720 – 1.24 GB

Get your copy here for just $5!

Also be sure to check out the Archives and listen to our complete catalog, starting all the way back in September 2004!

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