my bike space feels funny


so today drew, paul and I went on a bike ride. I haven’t been really into riding bikes since I learned to drive so I expected to struggle a bit on the route here near the farm. The last time I spent any good amount of time on a bicycle was at Burning Man a few years ago and that is all even riding with no hills. Plus I decorated the bike I was borrowing from Dave and Essa with lovely ribbons and everyone knows you can totally go faster if you look cool.

So we set out down the country roads and there were moments where I felt like I was going so fast I got nervous. At one farm the local dog came running down the driveway frantically barking and warning us to “back off bitches”. I screamed “Sparky Go Home!” which is what I yell to any dog I see running towards me and therefore we all survived.

Shamefully I had to push my bike up two of the bigger hills because I am still getting the hang of shifting and also I am weak. Its fun to imagine what people are muttering in their cars about me as they zoom on by.

But I can be smug knowing that I am out in the sunshine on a perfectly lovely day while they are trapped in a moving cube of metal.
(although my crotch does feel like I just did a gang bang…. not that I know what that feels like…. sorta)