monkey madness

monkey madnesshello u

i’ve been sleeping a lot lately and i think i realize why…. i dont have a monkey. Now I know most people SAY they want a monkey but I’m different, I have researched it like crazy and I even have a monkey preference! Do YOU have a monkey preference? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Anywho, today in my electronic mailz i received notice of the company I often buy worms from for my sugar gliders is having a sale. Next to the coupon for 10% off live phoenix worms is a picture of the most adorable baby tamarins. Tiny and sweet with their little smooshed faces and freakishly familiar hands. I literally want to eat them because they are that cute, I want to shove them in my mouth and let them live in there forever. Think of the conversations I would have at parties, “Dawn, you are being quiet tonight. Is everything ok?” and to this I would reply ” hhaafeveeoemoohnnjjjeeyyyymouuutthhhh”

Its gonna be awesome!

so can i borrow $3,000?