ch ch changes… again

due to the fact that we’re no longer under contract as producers for Mevio, we’re in the process of moving some things off of their servers. currently our message board is gone as well as our archive feed and as you can tell, you’re at a new domain that will be the new blog home for the show.

i believe the archives will still be available at but not as easily accessible as i had it with a complete feed, for now at least. we may make them all available on DVD at some point in the store.

i’m not exactly sure if we’re going to be able to migrate the old message board over to a new one, so i may have to start the new one fresh. unfortunately we were in the middle of gathering names for the 4th annual gift exchange and i can’t get to that info right now, so we may have to postpone that until we get things back in order. sorry for any inconvenience.

but in the meantime you can see lots of photos on flickr
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