words made me cry


on my birthday a few years ago I saw a video on the tele by a band I had never heard of before. The song was one of the most beautiful things I had ever heard and the lyrics literally moved me to tears. They spoke of such love and devotion and I could barely believe a tough bitch like me could be sobbing from a mere song. I immediately bought everything I could from the band and there have been so many treasures in those albums. That song Naked As We Came I heard so many years ago still chokes me up, as do so many of Sam Beams songs. He is such an amazing artist and that is increasingly rare these days. He is often compared to another one of my favorite musicians Nick Drake, whose songs also are very special to me.

The band is called Iron & Wine and they just released a new album today called Around the Well. I haven’t hear a single note of it yet but I just bought it off itunes and already know I cherish it.

who knows, you might too….


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