ma ’smage

i love my dogs, they are my babies and when we first got spec nearly 14 years ago domkus made me promise that spec wouldn’t sleep with us. spec had his own little bed and we put it next to ours… which lasted about fifteen seconds.

you see, spec was so small when he was a puppy that he could barely generate his own warmth. you can’t go from sleeping in a pile of puppies to sleeping by yourself in a little bed on the cold floor while two perfectly warm humans lay in the big bed next to you. needless to say that little two pound puppy snuggled in next to us that night and has been there ever since. Whenever we had an addition to the family they crawled right under the covers too.

I was in heaven, the domkus was in hell.

there is a perfectly blissful moment when i hear everyone snoring, a little symphony of snooze. even though the price is dog farts and the occasional bite i still think its worth it to cuddle up with the pups. The only negative thing is that I often sleep very crooked to accommodate all their little bodies. I wake up with a stiff back or a sore shoulder all because these little dogs somehow expand to 300 times their size while asleep. it is magical and sucky all at the same time.

so last week i woke up completely hosed from sharing MY pillow with hercules AND spec and my poor ole’ shoulder was screaming. (not literally screaming because that would mean i grew a very small mouth and vocal cords during the night and if that ever happened i wouldn’t blog about it. EVER. it would be my dark pitty mouth secret and I couldn’t reveal that to the world lest i become less sexy in your eyes.)

so i awoke in pain and did the only thing a poor struggling artist can do when faced with life’s obstacles… i booked a massage. it’s the sacrifice i make for my family.

because i am good…. and generous…. and kind.

and also because i’m a total whiney baby when my bones ache.

i feel much better now and ready to spoon again!