i’m at “work”

i’m upstairs in the recording studio on our old imac and this keyboard is so nasty gross. i usually work downstairs on my laptop but thought since i’m up here already might as well blog here at my rarely used upstairs desk.

the following things are on my forgotten little desk:

-a music box sculpture of a little girl playing piano, which is the only thing i have left from my grandpa miceli.
-an embroidered sign from a listener that awesomely reads “You can’t make me” with squirrels
-a honeysuckle candle (for when the boys fill the studio with farts)
-a book called “Who are you?” which has lots of funny little quizzes to determine who you are as a human being
-an owl drawing from domkus
-some paper and receipts
and a raccoon penis bone.

all these things are needed to create a world empire. if you are missing even a single ingredient you shall fail in any pursuit at world domination. its true, SCIENTIFICALLY true!

i wish you luck in your endeavors, now go have a wonderful weekend and stop making me talk about work.