hello monday

good morningi just put the sundays on to write this post, they are one of my favorite bands and perfect for a day like today. here on the farm it finally feels like spring, all the trees have their little buds and the grass has taken on a technicolor green. i used to listen to the sundays while i drove in my old 1978 honda civic honda-matic. She was my first car and my dad bought it for me for $400. I loved her even though she could only drive 22 minutes before overheating. I can still hear my friends complaining on hot summer days when we were forced to have the heat on, our feet in our sandals burning. But there was something soothing about listening to the sundays, a melodic balm on our feisty spirits.

I used to think it was annoying, having our adventures in twenty two minute increments but now I realize that it was never about the destination, it was always about the journey.