did u memorz?


yesterday we spent time with friends cooking out, drinking cocktails and playing summertime games. it was one of those lovely summer days where the music is playing and the sun feels so very good on your skin. i had decided to bring spec along to the cookout BUT he was being such a freak show, only calming down after a few hours but never calm enough to just chill. so then the domkus brought him home so that we could party like teenagers unshackled by responsibilities… drunk… IN THE DAY!

that has to be the number one benefit of having dogs vs. children. you can lock the dogs up in their room and go to a party, then come home and since they can’t talk they dare not judge your stumbly self because only the humans know how to open the magic cans of delicious dead animals!

cans of dead animals sounds gross, like something you would find in a serial killers house… picture it:

police officer, “sir, i think you better come here. we found something in the basement!”

sargent : “what is it officer?”

police officer: “there are hundreds of cans……. (dramatic pause) FILLED WITH ……… DEAD ANIMALS!”

see, totally gross.

so you see children, that’s what memorial day is all about.

class dismissed


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